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JMEC returns to normal business hours and In Studio lessons on June 1st.

JMEC announces that on Monday, June 1st, they will resume normal business hours. This is to accompany the return of "In Studio" lessons on June 1st as well.  "We surveyed our instructors to determine who was comfortable to return onsite" said Phil Niverson, co-owner of JMEC.  The strong response by instructors, interest from students and improving numbers in Georgia prompted them to begin accepting onsite students on a limited basis.

JMEC is following a two step approach.  Step one was based on instructor interest that was completely voluntary. As instructors advised they were ready to return to on site lessons, students were notified of the availability of onsite lessons with their instructors.  There is no pressure to return to onsite on the instructors or the students. Instructors planned provide online lessons as long as necessary and as long as there is interest in the offering

JMEC looks forward to welcoming students back to the studio.