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JMEC continues exclusive Online Shopping with Curbside Pickup and Shipping through April 30th

JMEC announces that it will continue to serve it's retail customers with Online Shopping with Curbside Pickup and Shipping through April 30th.  "We are excited about the reduced restrictions in Georgia and look forward to opening out showroom soon," said Phil.  Private lessons continue to be 100% online. JMEC is also serving Repair and Rental customers via curbside as well. "We are hoping  that we can gain momentum with our online sales.  Although most shoppers are our return customers, we are proving out our new POS and integrated e-commerce system." JMEC recently move to Rain POS which is a system geared towards music store operations. 

JMEC is using this time wisely by cleaning the lesson rooms and completing small projects while managing its increased online shopping orders. Additional announcements will be made through the coming week. Stay tuned!