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Danielle Lorentz

Vocal, Theatrical Voice
Danielle Lorentz

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Years Teaching: 6+

Danielle attended Kennesaw State University and received her B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies, with a Concentration in Musical Theatre and a Dance Minor. Before that, at Columbus State University, she was taught the Lessac voice method by David Turner. She was taught Voice by several different teachers and directors, including David Turner, Tim Ellis, and Krista McCoy. She learned piano growing up, and was also taught to play the flute for several years. 
Danielle has taught both musical voice and theatrical voice throughout the years. She has taught theatre and voice at different camps and after-school programs both here in the Kennesaw area and in her hometown of Columbus, GA, including Drama Kids International, the Springer Theatre Academy, and the Artz for the Harp Corporation. She has taught vocal lessons most recently at Sing Like a Star! Studios in Roswell, and has prior experience as a vocal coach for musicals (ex: Beauty and the Beast with Lolek’s Storytellers). She is also the resident Chief Music Director for Mad Artists’ Entertainment.
As far as her theatrical experience, she has performed in several musicals and straight plays, and has been in multiple choirs and bands as well. Her most recent roles have been in “And Then There Were None” (Vera Claythorne), “Bring It On” (Eva), “Ragtime” (Little Girl), “The Wizard of Oz” (Ensemble), and “Grease” (Jan).
Voice (singing): For young children wanting to learn, her goal is to encourage healthy habits, teach proper connection of the vocal folds, and build the child’s confidence and love for singing. For children going through vocal changes, her goals are to help them develop the best habits possible and find their new range as their voice changes. For adults, her goals, depending on the type of music the adult wants to sing, will be to instill healthy singing habits, expand the singer’s repertoire of songs, and strengthen the singer’s entire voice throughout their range.
Voice (theatrical): For all ages, the goal is to show students how to healthily project their voice for large spaces using the Lessac method, and teaching effective communication of ideas and how to emphasize the proper sections of a text to make an impact on your audience. 
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