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JMEC is your Band/Orchestra
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Band Instrument Repairs

Fastest Service in Town!
At Jennings Music, "quick turnaround" is our mantra! We know that you have a lesson, a performance, a gig or you just miss one of your best friends. So, we will make sure your baby is back in your arms in days, not weeks.

Experienced and Professional!
At Jennings Music, we partner with the most experienced and best repair technicians in the area.

Clean & Refurbish
Did you find that old high school or college instrument in the attic? Feeling a little sentimental? Bring that rusty, stiff instrument into Jennings and we will clean it up good as new. 

Get your chops back by taking Lessons from one of our professional Teaching Staff. Or, if you just don't have the time, we buy & sell Used Gear or, if it is a real gem, ask us about our Consignment sales.

Price List

Replace individual pad (any woodwind instrument) $20
New neck joint/head joint/joint cork $30
Bassoon joint corks $30
Flute overhaul, student, closed hole $250
Flute overhaul, student, open hole $300
Flute overhaul, pro $800 - $1000
Piccolo overhaul, student $300
Piccolo overhaul, pro $600
Oboe overhaul, student $600
Oboe overhaul, pro $800 - $1000
Bassoon overhaul, student $800
Bassoon overhaul, pro $1200
Sax overhaul, alto or tenor, student $500
Sax overhaul, baritone, student $800
Sax overhaul, pro $800 - $1000
Clarinet re-pad, student $200
Clarinet overhaul, student $250
Clarinet overhaul, pro $600 - $1000
Brass instruments call for estimate