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This is your brain on Music

We all know that music can be enjoyable, emotional and inspirational.  But many do not realize how playing music invigorates the brain like no other activities.  Check out the article snipit below for more.

By Steven Fick and Elizabeth Shilts

Mapping mental activity reveals that music stimulates the brain in the same way food, ... do(es).

brain playing musicPlaying music: There are few activities that require more of the brain than playing music. It uses complex feedback systems that take in information, such as pitch and melody, through the auditory cortex (1), and allow the performer to adjust his playing. The visual cortex (2) is activated by reading — or even imagining — a score; the parietal lobe (3) is involved in a number of processes, including computation of finger position; the motor cortex (4) helps control body movements; the sensory cortex (5) is stimulated with each touch of the instrument; the premotor area (6) remains somewhat mysterious but somehow helps perform movements in the correct order and time; the frontal lobe (7) plans and coordinates the overall activity; and the cerebellum (8) helps create smooth, integrated movements.

See the entire article at: http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/magazine/JF06/alacarte.asp




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